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Ineke en Beertje My Friend
They tell me of bridges full of colour and light
I just see this tunnel as black as the night
You in my arms, your eyes going dim
The chance we return home is ever so slim

We have to go in there, someone just said
I should feel happy about it, why am I so sad?
We enter this tunnel, full of darkness and dooms
Remembering nice things, the entrance there looms

We go in together, there is light we can see
It comes in your eyes too, let's go home and flee
But as we turn back, the dimness returns
You have to stay here, in my eyes a tear burns

We go ever further, your muscles get strength
There's a steep cliff there, more than arm's length.
You jump over happily and bark 'hurry here'
I just stand still, my heart filled with fear
There's light on your side now and colours and all
You left me behind, afraid to jump and fall

So while you go further and disappear
I have to go back with a heart full of fear.
What is an investment and what does it pay?
I've never paid something with so much dismay.
But what did I get back and what was returned?
A heart filled with memories and a love never earned

A friendship so pure and so total, has never been seen
A smart and bright partner every minute so keen
I know that we'll again meet, when it is I who jumps
You will be waiting for me, and friendship triumphs,
I have to live further while you go to rest
The pain just feels awful, although it's for the best
I'll never forget you, ever in my heart
Love and friendship forever, even death did us part.

Bye Beertje

Written by Cor Marjee, February 18. 1997 in Middelburg, The Netherlands
in loving memory of his white Keeshond Beertje.