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First impression

In the sun
Getting a tan

In the garden

Snuffel is a small white Keeshond (German Kleinspitz).

Born in Lummen, Belgium as Ullie Junior de drei Oere on August 7th,1997

He joined the family on February 20th, 1998.

At first we had a hard time getting used to eachother, but after some time he really felt at home.

During a dog-show in Goes in April 1998 Snuffel was judged 'Very Good' and ended first in his group.

In 1999 he got "Excellent" twice and got BOB twice too.

We also trained in obedience and we got to the level of 'Second National Diploma'

In the Garden
This is my garden

In 2012 we had to part from Snuffel. Over the years his health had slowly deteriorated.
Ultimately we had no other option than to help him make the last step.
In the car
On the road to his new home

With a bone
Try to get it from me

On the bike
Public transport

In the garden